Crawford 機庫門系列

連動式機棚門 Multiple-leaf aviation hangar door systems

Construction costs by permitting a virtually unlimited opening width with variable height. The unique, robust design and structure offer high operational reliability and energy efficiency. Since the multiple-leaf aviation hangar doors lift vertically, the need for expensive ground tracks and door pockets is eliminated, enabling more cost-effective facility design. All the doors are available with translucent fabric for natural lighting, which improves both the working environment and allows for energy savings, since you are able to turn off part of your lighting during the daytime hours.
Multiple-leaf aviation doors allow for a flexible door opening and make it possible to accommodate multiple aircraft of different sizes in one hangar. For movement of ground equipment, you may open just one door leaf to a minimal height, which minimizes the loss of conditioned air.
Working with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems puts your facility in the hands of skilled and experienced engineers who are ready to support you through the entire operating life of your hangar doors. Receive the highest-class expertise – from site analysis and engineering specifications to installation, commissioning, service and support.
Megadoor VL3190 vertical lifting fabric door

The Megadoor VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric door is designed for extremely large door openings and permits almost unlimited width. Crafted for harsh environments, it offers maximum reliability and energy efficiency. By designing the door leaves with a suitable number and type of intermediate beams, it can be dimensioned to withstand virtually any wind load and still be weather-sealed.